About Stand Together Foundation

We live in the richest country our world has ever known. And yet 40 million people in America are living below the poverty line, and 1 in 5 children are going to school hungry.

The Stand Together Foundation is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by supporting the creative solutions of individuals and organizations who are driving dynamic entrepreneurship in communities across the country and helping people transform their lives. Founded in 2016, the Foundation partners with the nation’s most effective and top-performing non-profits to help them deepen and grow their impact through innovative solutions to break barriers for people in poverty so that they can realize their potential.

Through a rigorous training program and a dynamic network of social entrepreneurs, we work with organizations to refine their practices and increase their impact.



We’ve vetted over 2,000 nonprofit organizations to create our growing network of 140+ high-impact, high-performing non-profit organizations that are making a real difference in their communities.

We support social entrepreneur-led nonprofits that effectively deliver personal transformation and remove barriers for individuals in poverty. We work with partners to increase their impact and improve more lives. Offerings include:

  • A six-month management training program and ongoing coaching and facilitation opportunities
  • Connection to business leaders, influencers, philanthropists and grassroots capabilities
  • Marketing leverage and storytelling platforms
  • Opportunities for deeper investment and human capital engagements
  • Access to individual activation tools; fundraising and skills-based volunteer programs.


Our goal is simple – to help these organizations help more people. Once selected into our six-month Catalyst Program, the Stand Together Foundation provides management training and tools, financial and human capital resources and one-on-one coaching to help these organizations grow, scale and make a greater impact.

The Stand Together Foundation works with Catalysts to support, strengthen, and scale their work across six issue areas: Addiction and Mental Health; Financial Empowerment and Entrepreneurship; Housing and Homelessness; In-Prison, Reentry and Second Chances; Workforce Development; and Youth and Education.

We go beyond traditional consulting approaches by helping Catalysts apply the business practices of entrepreneurship to the social sector. We use Market-Based Management®, a business management philosophy that has successfully transformed thousands of companies across the country. By taking an economic approach to decision making, Catalyst organizations learn to maximize resources for long-term impact.



 Once Catalysts complete the program, they become part of our Catalyst Network. As part of this network, they have access to the support of hundreds of successful business and social leaders around the country, who have partnered with us to fuel the fight against poverty.

Catalysts in our network continue to receive individualized support in social fundraising, human capital, business planning, grant writing, marketing and other areas.

And we provide customized investment opportunities that focus on maximizing the impact our Catalysts have on their communities.