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The benefits of being a Catalyst are short-term and long-term. The Catalyst Program offers three high-level outcomes.

  • The Catalyst Program strives to create an environment where ideas can be shared and impact can be amplified through partnerships, connection, and collaboration.
  • Programming focuses on unique business objectives developed with inputs from Catalysts, industry experts, and an education team.
  • Each Catalyst has a powerful story to tell. We help tell stories to inspire others and connect individuals with each organization directly.


Once a Catalyst, always a Catalyst. The Catalyst Network is an always-growing web of organization leaders, industry experts, and passionate, driven individuals. Participation in the program guarantees lifetime membership in the Network with access to resources and potential relationships with leaders in their societal issue area in cities across the country.

The Catalyst Program

Stand Together Foundation launched the Catalyst Program to provide training, support, and networking to organizations that can have an outsized impact on the culture. The Catalyst Program offers a vibrant, active, and engaged community of proven leaders that collaborates on projects and initiatives, replicates the successes of others, and creates systemic changes that drive organizational effectiveness.

Organizations participate in a six-month program, during which they receive training and resources to tackle specific business objectives with the support of their peers and experts in the field. Each Catalyst class is a small cohort of 15-20 organizations.

Once a month, Catalysts meet on an interactive online platform to collaborate on an organizational development topic — from building a brand to measuring impact — which serves as a mechanism for feedback and guidance on the development of the business objective.

The Criteria

We evaluate an organization’s likelihood of value creation for civil society. We rigorously vet each prospective organization to guarantee maximum impact through a mutually beneficial relationship. Our three main areas of evaluation are:

  • Leadership. We look for entrepreneurial leaders who are tenaciously committed to solving a social problem in communities across the United States, and who embody integrity, humility, collaboration, and a long-term vision for growing their organization. An organization’s leadership is integral to their impact, success, and growth potential.
  • Approach Effectiveness. Thousands of organizations across the country are changing their communities for the better. What unique approaches and advantages does an organization offer its community? We also believe that those who focus on meeting the needs of their customers, rather than their funders, are best positioned to deliver transformative results.
  • Appetite for Collaboration, Growth, and Partnership with Others. Our goal is to identify and partner with organizations making a difference in people’s lives. Ideally, these organizations are ready to collaborate, scale, or replicate their unique model to increase impact. We look for engaged participants willing to join a network of like-minded, enthusiastic leaders.


The Process

We are actively looking for organizations with a proven and established model who are eager to find collaborative solutions to vexing problems or barriers to success. Through our own research, the referrals of trusted partners, and applications on our website, we identify and evaluate hundreds of organizations on a rolling basis.

Organizations move through an extensive screening and due diligence process before we invite them to participate in the Catalyst Program. Our initial assessment begins with an application or a referral, which we follow up with a phone interview. Stand Together Foundation staff meet with strong potential Catalysts in person to assess an organization’s model, finances, leadership, and social impact. They develop a summary report for each organization that is reviewed by a selection committee. Upon approval, we notify organizations and finalize details of our partnership.

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