A mini-campus for inner-city children
Everyone who works at Strive is doing a good job. You are concerned about the kids' education. What I like about Strive is that you make the kids into good citizens. You are also concerned with healthy eating and the area in which we live in. I am glad my children attend Strive.
– Esther, parent of three Strive students

Living in neighborhoods riddled with crime, violence, prostitution, broken families, and poverty, kids are at high-risk for remaining in the cycle of poverty, with no hope for the future or a way out.

The Solution

Strive addresses the pervasive issues of poverty that affect youth in the Watts community of South Los Angeles by providing an academy-par learning environment. Strive has built a strong academic after-school program undergirded by values of self-reliance, responsibility, and stewardship. The Watts neighborhood has been the center of crime and turmoil in the Los Angeles area for over 50 years. Poverty, broken homes, severe unemployment, poorly performing schools, and gang and drug influences plague the community and place youth at extremely high risk. Strive provides a safe haven in the midst of chaos. In an academy-quality “mini-campus,” Strive offers academic support for grades K-12 in a structured classroom environment. More than just academics, Strive focuses on instilling the values of self-reliance and responsibility, encouraging children to regard themselves as responsible stewards of their behavior, talents, and resources.

The Story

Jim Tetreau was witnessing the grievous problems facing those in poverty when he decided to leave the luxury hotel business and serve inner-city children. Upon learning of the severe needs and difficult obstacles facing the kids of the Watts community, Jim founded Strive in 1990 to help break the cycle of poverty and provide a respite for youth at risk. In the 26 years since its founding, Strive has been able to expand both its property and programming to reach hundreds of kids each year. While Strive prioritizes a strong academic foundation, they address behavioral and character issues first that often underlie academic struggles. Ultimately, their goal is to help families raise educated, independent, well-mannered young ladies and gentlemen who have internalized high personal standards along with valuable skills to propel them to success.

Stand Together Foundation Partnership

Strive is a 2016 Stand Together Foundation Catalyst. Through participation in the Catalyst Program, Strive receives training from industry experts in organizational development, branding, measurement and growth, and strategic relationships to amplify their impact and strategically expand their reach.

Los Angeles, California
est. 1990
Jim Tetreau
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Jim Tetreau was raised in Montana in a family that hosted foster children with special needs. Jim moved to California to begin his career managing luxury hotels in Beverly Hills and Palm Springs, while also volunteering at the Braille Institute and working with children. As Jim realized his calling to provide inner-city youth with the chance for a better life, he persevered tirelessly to turn his vision into a reality.
Success Metrics
decrease in students scoring F in academic testing 2015/16
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