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All across America, high-impact nonprofits are breaking cycles and changing lives.

From coast to coast, dynamic social entrepreneurs are leading transformative nonprofit organizations with a shared mission to break the cycle of poverty and build stronger, safer communities where all people can discover their full potential.

Advocates for Community Transformation

HQ Dallas, TX All Locations

Act - Advocates for Community Transformation empowers men and women in underserved communities to fight crime on their street using the civil justice system — existing laws — to make neighborhood safety a normal reality for all. Act equips those closest to the problem — residents — with tools and support to protect their neighborhoods, pairs them with attorneys, and helps them complement the work of police and the city to create tangible, long-lasting change. Through Act’s work, community social cohesion grows, hope is restored, and residents establish collective efficacy, a willingness to intervene, and informal social control for safer, flourishing communities.

Key Issue Area

Criminal Justice

Organizational Leadership

Reid Porter

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