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All across America, high-impact nonprofits are breaking cycles and changing lives.

From coast to coast, dynamic social entrepreneurs are leading transformative nonprofit organizations with a shared mission to break the cycle of poverty and build stronger, safer communities where all people can discover their full potential.

The Telos Group

HQ Washington, DC All Locations

The Telos Group works to educate individuals on the deeply rooted issues plaguing our communities. Telos calls those to action who may feel far removed from these issues to wield their influence to enact needed change. It organizes immersive trips to areas experiencing conflict, developing teams of peacemakers who can repair relationships and strengthen communities. Telos is working to replace violence, division, and distrust with empathy; training their peacemakers to see others’ struggles as their own; and cultivating the skills that will spark action.

Key Issue Area

Courageous Collaboration

Organizational Leadership

Greg Khalil

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