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Catalyst Impact Grant Program

A new grant program putting people at the forefront.

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At Stand Together Foundation, we believe in the potential of each and every person to live a life of meaning and purpose.

Unfortunately, the prevailing approaches to address barriers in our communities tend to control people from the top-down rather than empower them from the bottom-up. It’s time to shift the paradigm from control to empowerment, and we want to partner with you to do that.

Stand Together Foundation is launching our new Catalyst Impact Grant Program, positioned to help Catalysts further transform how the country tackles our toughest issues.

Impact Partners will receive access to:

  • A new customer-first approach to understand and differentiate impact;
  • Personalized Principle Based Management™ coaching, learning engagements, and consulting;
  • A three-year, $300,000 grant to grow your impact.  

The Catalyst Impact Grant Program will be highly selective. Stand Together Foundation is looking for organizations with a desire and willingness to develop a much deeper partnership to adopt and apply a principle-based approach to management and social change.  

An Impact Partner: 

  • Identifies and seeks to live out an Empowerment Paradigm, best described in Believe in People and summarized as the Principles of Human Progress (dignity, openness, mutual benefit, bottom-up, and self-actualize); 
  • Pursues and understands their vision for impact through the lens of empowerment, including a “customer-first” impact measurement approach;
  • Empowers their employees to discover new and better ways to empower the people they serve through a principles-based management approach; and
  • Pioneers a broader paradigm shift in the social sector away from control-based approaches and toward those which empower people to realize their full potential. 

Stand Together Foundation invites Catalysts who seek to continually transform and develop their organization in these ways to apply for the program by Committing to Empowerment and expressing a willingness and desire to live up to these ideals.   

A three-year partnership with Stand Together Foundation

Impact Partners commit to a three-year partnership with Stand Together Foundation.


Your Catalyst organization will: 



Publicly identify with the Empowerment Paradigm: Identify as an Empowerment Organization on your website and link to our upcoming website (i.e. Our organization believes in people and works to empower each individual that we serve)



Sharpen an empowerment vision and develop a customer-first impact evaluation approach: Engage in quarterly customer-first testing (survey frameworks will be shared with Catalyst Impact Partners, and data and results will be shared with Stand Together Foundation); Develop a customer roadmap that guides customer-informed program decisions within your organization (updated annually); Share regular updates with your Catalyst Success Manager about how customer feedback is influencing programmatic changes



Progress toward a principle-based management approach: Work with your Catalyst Success Manager to review annually your organization’s vision, norms, knowledge processes decision-making, and incentives; Ongoing education for organization staff to help them understand the Empowerment Paradigm and how to apply the dimensions of Principle Based Management™



Actively participate in the Catalyst Community and serve as an ambassador to the sector: Attend Stand Together Foundation’s annual retreat; Serve as an active member and contributor of the Catalyst Community

We will be with you every step of the way.

Stand Together Foundation recognizes that these expectations will require capacity and attention from our Catalysts beyond what many have available. Our three-year grant structure aims to provide technical assistance, management consulting, change management support, communications abilities, and financial support, along with our suite of in-kind resources including legal, storytelling, measurement, and Principle Based Management™ support. We will be with you every step of the way.

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