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Stand Together Foundation Announces $7M Campaign To Bring 500 Innovative Nonprofits Into Its Flagship Catalyst Program By 2025

Nonprofit leaders across the country are invited to apply for six-month innovation experience helping them deepen their impact and scale their solutions across the country

ARLINGTON, Va.Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Stand Together Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting bottom-up solutions that empower those in poverty, announced a nationwide push to invest more than $7 million to support as many as 500 nonprofit organizations and leaders into its Catalyst Program by 2025.

“We look for community leaders who are committed to finding solutions that empower individuals to transform their lives,” said Evan Feinberg, executive director of Stand Together Foundation. “As part of our program, Catalysts are given new tools to scale their impact, taught new strategies for effective management, and provided with opportunities to learn from fellow innovators.”

The Catalyst Program partners with nonprofit “disruptors” who are changing the way our country thinks about, talks about, and tackles poverty in America. The Catalyst Program accepts applications from, evaluates, and then invests in top-performing nonprofit organizations across the U.S. who then participate in a six-month experience designed to help each organization refine and improve its strategies with the goal of further increasing its impact in their communities.

Before inviting potential partners to join the Catalyst Program, Stand Together Foundation analyzes each organization’s operations and impact, comparing their models with today’s prevailing approaches. Stand Together Foundation looks to ensure Catalysts are disrupting the status quo, demonstrating “outside-the-box” thinking, and embracing a community-driven, people-centered approach. The partnership exploration process lasts 2-3 months on average, and each quarter Stand Together Foundation welcomes a new Catalyst Cohort consisting of roughly a dozen nonprofit leaders.

Once accepted into the program, Catalysts participate in individualized leadership and management coaching, connect to a peer network where leaders get advice and partnership from those who have walked in their shoes, and access to a suite of business tools, including free legal services and software to help them run their nonprofit more effectively. Additionally, each Catalyst partner receives a $25,000 grant to support their program.

Since the Catalyst Program kicked off in 2016, the community has partnered with more than 220 nonprofits, operating in all 50 states, and has invested more than $100M to organizations tackling issues, from confronting the stigma of mental health conditions in Black communities, to addressing the teacher shortage in low-income and rural areas, to expanding economic opportunity for underserved groups. Together, members of the Catalyst Program have directly impacted more than one million people across the United States.

For nonprofit organizations that have established proof of concept and are looking for a way to further scale their impact or grow, the Catalyst Program is the perfect opportunity to take their efforts to the next level. The Catalyst Program serves as an on-ramp to long-term partnership with the broader Stand Together community, unlocking access to a network of like-minded nonprofits, influential philanthropists, and business leaders.

“We’re all on a journey to learn how to lead at a higher level and transform our communities. The Catalyst Program gives you a group of the best and the brightest to join you on your journey,” said Amber Fogarty, president, Mobile Loaves and Fishes. “Stand Together Foundation is a true partner that challenges the status quo to break the cycle of poverty and help every person rise.”

To apply for the Catalyst Program, nonprofit leaders are encouraged to visit to read more about selection criteria and submit their contact information.

About Stand Together Foundation
Stand Together Foundation is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in America by driving change from within communities. We are building a community of social entrepreneurs who believe in people, work from the bottom up, and unite with anyone to do right. Since 2016, we have committed $100 million and counting to fuel the innovation of nonprofits throughout the country to build stronger, safer communities where all people can learn, contribute, and realize their full potential. Our goal is to help nonprofit leaders maximize their impact to transform more lives out of poverty. Learn more at

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