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Program Criteria

We partner with social entrepreneurs driving transformation within communities.


We think big. We know you do, too.

Equipped with the right tools and resources, we’re convinced innovators like you will revolutionize the way we address poverty in America. With this in mind, we seek partners focused on long-term transformation within communities. How does your organization’s approach compete with today’s prevailing solutions? Together, we can demonstrate that communities are best equipped to drive social change.

Selection for the Catalyst Program is competitive, with only one in 10 applicants invited to join the program.

What sets Catalysts apart?


Shared Vision & Values

Organizations that embody a belief that every person has unlimited potential and is capable of profound, personal transformation.


Leadership & Culture

Strong leadership and a healthy organizational culture are critical to long-term success. We evaluate an organization’s potential by assessing its business culture, leadership, operational maturity, financial health, reputation, and governance.


Market Potential

The desire and capacity to deepen impact and scale through long-term growth.

While we work with organizations of varying sizes, ages, and maturity levels, we prioritize nonprofits that can achieve societal-level change with their approach.


Demonstrated Outcomes

Organizations that are pioneering new ways to break the cycle of poverty through proven outcomes measured in lives transformed. We partner with nonprofits that define organizational success by the personal successes of their beneficiaries.

Our Partnership Exploration Process

Potential Catalyst partners undergo an extensive screening process before being invited to partner with Stand Together Foundation.

We conduct a rigorous evaluation and analysis of each organization’s operations and impact, comparing its model with today’s prevailing approaches. We are looking to ensure that our Catalysts are disrupting the status quo, demonstrating “outside-the-box” thinking, and embracing a community-driven, people-centered approach.

Our Partnership Exploration Process lasts 2-3 months on average, and each quarter we welcome a new Catalyst Cohort consisting of roughly a dozen nonprofit leaders.

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