Pro Bono Legal Advice: How Nonprofits are Reaping the Benefits of Free Legal Services to Focus on What Matters Most

But many of the most disruptive nonprofit organizations lack the resources, knowledge, and support to grow. So, while nonprofit leaders – we call them Catalysts – are busy removing barriers to building stronger communities around the country, we’re busy helping them remove legal barriers to igniting their impact and reach. Our Catalysts are on a […]

Catalyst Leader: An Entrepreneur’s Journey

As a visual artist, from early on in her life she’s turned ideas into artwork. And as a natural entrepreneur, she’s embraced the professional and personal changes that have arisen with each of her businesses: a horse farm, two bed and breakfasts, and eventually a bakery and coffee shop that grew into a full-service café. She learned much during each of those ventures. Yet, it was her experience running the bakery and […]

Stand Together Foundation Catalysts Speaking at this Year’s Collaborative Conference

The event will be held in Boston from Tuesday to Thursday this week and will include hands-on workshops, panel discussions, fireside chats, TED-style talks, and intentional networking for over 1,200 industry attendees. We’re thrilled that several of our Catalyst partners will be sharing insights they’ve gained through their work in the communities they serve with […]

New Year, New Ventures

During the holiday season, many Americans open their hearts and their pocketbooks to those in need. Yet when the new year begins, this charitable giving often drops off – even though those struggling to build a better life need as much support as ever. That’s why January is designated “National Poverty Awareness Month” – and why we […]